Castle Landscapes Launch New Website for Upcoming Season

To say that Castle Landscaping is just another landscaping company on Long Island is a gigantic misinterpretation. Not only do they offer in depth lawn and exterior home maintenance, add masonry, pool installation, driveways, walkways, patios and even construction to an already long list. Unlike many landscaping companies on the local level, Castle Landscaping just announced the launched of a very large in depth website where viewers and prospective buyers can get free estimates and look at some of their previous work. This interactive website has a lot of tools for homeowners to get a better idea of who they are hiring. For instance, the website has photo galleries & videos broken down into service categories that Castle Landscaping offers. Each photo gallery has before and after pictures showing new potential clients what Castle Landscapes can do to a homes exterior. The website also gives customers a step by step process on what to expect when hiring Castle Landscapes so their are no surprises. One of the most important new features of the website is the free consultation form, this gives the homeowner the ability to fill out a form and give specific details about their project so that Castle Landscapes can plan out an approach for their meeting. Castle Landscapes prides themselves on preparation.

Customers can also send Castle pictures of their home through the website so they can make suggestions on what to do with the property. Lastly a bio about Castle Landscapes to give clients a history, they also have a testimonials page where past satisfied customers have left their kind words and pictures. Castle Landscapes urges homeowners to view their new website to have this experience. The website was designed by Long Island Web Design Company, Benjamin Marc. In a recent press release owner of Benjamin Marc Anthony Savino stated, “Working with Michael from Castle Landscapes has been great; I hope to work with him in the future and wish him success with the new website”.

A little about Long Island Landscaping Company, Castle Landscaping
Hiring a landscaping company on Long Island seems very difficult. With companies spurting up almost everywhere, as home owners it seems like an impossibility to choose the right company. Many landscapers preach excellence, but few hold the resources to carry out excellence on a regular basis. With years of experience in pool installation and design, Castle Landscaping does much more than just mow laws trim hedges. They can and have transformed backyards, giving you the increased home value and the kids a lot of fun, and not to mention wonderful, zero-impact exercise for everyone.

Castle Landscapes Recently Posts a Blog Entry Giving Reasons Why to Hire a Professional Snow Removal Company

Castle Landscapes Inc. has been providing Snow removal and ice control to services to Schools, Colleges, Municipal and Commercial properties as well as Synagogues and Churches for over 20 years. Castle Landscapes has the most state of the art equipment on Long island to provide companies or School the highest quality Snow removal services found anywhere. Castle is dedicated to offering a full service approach that goes beyond the expectations of our customers. Castle Landscapes always pays special attention to walkways, entrances, handicap ramps, and emergency exists. All of our properties are repeatedly visited during and after storms to ensure that all hazardous conditions have been eliminated.

Recently Long Island Snow Removal Company, Castle Landscapes gives reasons why schools, hospitals, business owners and homeowners should hire a professional snow plowing company. They launched a whole blog entry dedicated to answering this question. Here are some experts from the recent blog post:

1- Castle Landscapes makes sure to clean the parking lots and walkways to all entrance ways.

2- Castle salts and sands after plowing for safe transportation.

3- Castle has the latest and greatest machinery to make sure the job is done in a safe and secure manner.

4- Castle Landscapes is fully licensed & insured in the state of New York

5- Castle Landscapes has over 20 years experience in Snow Plowing & Snow Removal

6- Castle Landscapes has trained drivers, equipped to work in hazardous conditions.

7- Castle Landscapes makes sure they work catering to business hours so that parking lots are clear by the time of business.

8- Castle Landscapes owner is always present on every snow removal job.

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Landscapers and Snow

Many people mistakenly believe that when winter comes, landscapers essentially hibernate. In reality, landscaping has undergone major changes in the last decades. They are no longer simply just cutting grass, but have evolved into full landscape design companies, capable of offering numerous services to meet their customers every varying need.

However, during the winter, it may seem, what could they possibly be doing. This seems especially true in the New York area, where the winter brings with it frigid weather and snow. However, many landscape companies also specialize in snow removal. This has many benefits over shoveling yourself. B For starters, they usually employ snow mobiles to ensure a rapid removal of the snow. These machines also allow them to precisely pick and choose where they want to the snow to be blown. Since you already have business with your local landscaping company they are also likely to immediately react to your inquiry, saving you valuable time before the snow freezes and become unmovable.

For homeowners, this service is especially important. We can, you may know, be held liable if a parson slips on snow on you pretty that was your responsibility to move. For Long Islanders who are no longer physically capable of moving snow this is truly an enticing benefit. Furthermore, for the large amount of us who choose to take up residence in Florida for the winter, we have the ability to have our landscapers remove the snow even though we aren’t there. Thus removing us from liability resulting from any accident which may occur.

No, Landscapers Are Not An Expense

It has always confused me as to why homeowners view landscapers as such an expense. Truth is told, though of course we may landscapers to maintain our property, the services of landscapers often go far beyond that. Additionally, the benefits that can be accrued from these services can be m0re than a homeowner has ever dreamed.

First things first, landscapers do not simply cut and maintain the grass on your property. Most landscapers today offer services ranging from installing driveways, walkways, pools capes, tree plantings and other masonry related services. Landscapers have also begun to utilize new technology that helps the consumer and landscaper get on the same page as to just what the homeowner is looking for.

But, I know what you’re thinking. With the tough economy and unstable jobs, why would I want to invest more in landscapers outside of maintaining my property? This common question shows a lack of understanding of what landscapers can actually do for a homeowner.

So repeat after me, “Renovating your outdoor space can dramatically raise the property value of your home.” Yes, it’s true. The outside of a person’s home plays a crucial role in determining the value of one’s property. Nicely done walkways, and patios, and beautiful shrubbery, can help increase the property value of your home. In a time where many of us have seen drops in the value of our home, it is a perfect time to utilize this cheap and easy method that allows you to have a nice outdoor property, while at the same time, acting as a long term investment. Of course, the more work you do on your home the more it will affect your property value. The nicer the final product, the more you will see your house appraised for.

In a time where the housing market seems so uncertain, maximizing the value of your home seems like a no brainer. Luckily, landscapers are here to help.

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Castle Landscapes Keeps Expanding

Since 1990, many a company has come and gone. Literally thousands of companies have been created only to see business fail and the need to eventually close up their shops. It is a sad fact of life, but also reality. However, Castle Landscapes is not part of this group. Since 1990, they have steadily grown into one of the most trusted, and popular landscaping companies in the Long Island area.

Initially, Castle Landscapes began with only 2 employees back in 1990. In just three short years, the company had already beginning to grow, and as a result needed to hire more employees to be able to keep up with their ever growing business. By 1993, they needed to expand to 5 employees. In coordination with this expansion, they also began to diversify and offer clients new and improved services. This expansion incorporated landscape design and masonry into their business, enabling to enhance their offerings to their clients.

By 1997, it was obvious that they once again needed to take on more employees in order to keep up with their growing business. They hired two more masonry workers and saw their work expand to beautifying over 1000 properties in the Long Island area. Today, they have over 22 employees. They have 6 excavators and 4 trucks. In short, in just under 20 years they added 20 employees. This amounts to an incredible increase of one employee a year. If only all businesses could be so successful.

So what is their secret to this incredible growth? In reality, it is no secret at all. Castle Landscapes adheres to the same principles that have worked in business for years. A diligent owner followed by a group of talented skilled employees. From the top down, the company exhibits an attention to detail that certainly takes them to new heights. Additionally, even though they have expanded to more and more services, they still continue to provide the same expert and experienced service that they began with all the way back in 1990.

In reality 20 years isn’t that long of time. To see a company increase so much in just such a short time should make others try to follow that model. But it is their unique ability to satisfy their customers that sets them apart, a trait that cannot be easily repeated. As they move forward well into the 21st century, god only knows how many employees they will need in another 20 years.

Castle Landscapes
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